Samuel Adams Irish Red Ale

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DISB Rating– 85 Once again Sam Adams does poorly on the Desert Island because it is so heavy and caramelly. Better before a warm fire in winter.
TMTB rating – 87 good stuff, but not necessarily a best in class product when compared to the competition. No slouch by any stretch of the imagination and if you have never had an Irish Red Ale, after Smithwicks, the gold standard for Irish red, this is a damn good place to start.
Style Rating – 90 – I like this better than Smithwicks to be quite honest and it is smoother than the Harpoon offering in this class, but I do feel like there is something out there that would make me forget the rest, but I can not get my hands on it.

Samuel Adams Irish Red Ale. Aroma caramel with maybe a hint of allspice head full aggressive but fairly rapid retreat nice lacing color deep Reddish amber not quite garnet flavor dry caramel hint of smoke dry moderate bitterness on back end. Body medium and carbonation moderate. Sweet caramel comes to the fore warms and opens up.

In my last post Long Trail Ale I discussed the extreme offensive differentials the Falcons faced in Super Bowl LI. Considering the Time of Possession, Play and First down differentials, it was quite honestly amazing Atlanta was in the game at all. Yet, they exploded in the second quarter, much like the Washington Redskins in 1988 against the Denver Broncos. And it looked to everyone that they had the game in hand, myself included.

The only thing I and other Patriots fans could hope for was that New England would stop the bleeding and make the game respectable. No embarrassments like Denver in 2014, I really enjoyed watching Seattle stick it to Peyton Manning, or the 1986 Pats when Tony Eason was pulled just to protect his life. 1.

That being said it is hard to account for the subtle confidence and iron willed resolve Brady and Belichick help instill in people who already have confidence and resolve in spades. Ultimately, Brady not only brought the Pats back from the abyss of possibly the worst Super Bowl loss of all time, to victory with a lot of help from his friends on defense and offense.2.

When the tying drive of regulation came about Atlanta’s defense was at a minus 34 + 2 penalty play differential.3. Even then Atlanta played valiantly and nearly ended the game on the first play of this drive. The Falcons defensive line crushed the Pats O line and they nearly got a safety, nearly caused an interception and nearly caused intentional grounding.4. They were tackling Brady in the end zone as he threw a high trajectory lame duck towards James White up the sideline. It fell within five yards of the sideline, about eight yards short of where White ended up, and between three Atlanta defenders, who while diligently covering their man reacted to the errant ball a split second too late.

Later in that drive, Brady made one of the worst throwing decisions in his career. He threw a ball to Julian Edelman, one of the shortest “go to” receivers in the league since Marc Duper worked with Dan Marino in the 1980’s. Edelman was fronted by Robert Alford who had two other defensive backs providing backside help. This poor decision was caused partly by the relentless defensive line pressure Atlanta had been applying all day. As you may remember, Alford tipped the ball in the air; it looked like it would drop harmlessly at his feet, or be intercepted by one of his teammates; Instead Edelman jumped in between all of them and cradled the ball before it could hit the ground.

It was an idiotic decision by Brady standards, yet Edelman somehow figured a way to pull Brady’s cherrystones out of the collapsing 20 foot deep beach sand tunnel Brady and the Atlanta D had dug for them. It was a miracle catch that would have broken that back of virtually any team. David Tyree’s similar catch did it to the Pats in 2008, and but for the near super-human alertness and mental toughness of Malcolm Butler in 2015, the Kearse catch would have done it to the Pats in Super Bowl XLIX(49). (In case anybody is wondering, (Stephen A. Smith in particular), yes Belichick coached Pete Carroll into the call that lead to the interception. I will explain at another time. )

The rest of the drive to tie was simply too many plays and too much bad luck running against the Falcons. Could the Falcons have done something differently? Maybe, but what. Call a time out after the Edelman catch and tell the guys: “The Patriots got their one miracle for the game now go out and stop them.” It might have helped but who is to say.

Then, the Pats ran that Dion Lewis play for 13 yards at the end of regulation just to gas and harass the defense a little more and see if they could avoid overtime by scoring on a fluke play.4.

As for the overtime, more bad luck, the Falcons lost the toss and their defense was at a negative 41 plays, 43 if you include the penalty differential. Still Atlanta almost intercepted a Brady fade to Bennett in the end zone. one play before the game winner. Once again another poor pass by Brady who was off a lot more than people care to admit and I think is much more a sign of his age catching up to him.5. He was getting weaker going into the AFC championship game last year having played 17 games up to that point. He only played 15 this year (12 in the regular season) and I think it helped him come playoff time. That and having one of the best defenses and offensive lines since the 2007 Pats, the best team ever to play the game! Period!!!!6.

This was not poor play by Atlanta, this was the Pats Offensive persistence to remain on the field wearing out Atlanta’s extremely fast defense and surprisingly competent defense and bad luck.7. In short the Atlanta defense played well but had too little left in the tank to stop one of the greatest game tying/winning drive quarterbacks of all time.

In the next installment I address the accusation that the pass heavy play selection in the second half sunk the Falcons. I leave you to contemplate the raw numbers that support this specious argument:

Pass Plays%/Rushing Plays%

66.7%/33.3% – Second Half
57.73%/42.27% – Season average around 22 in league
60.86 %/ 39.14% – Game
52.63%/47.37% – First Half

1. Grogan should have started that game.

2. James White deserved the Super Bowl MVP – 2 rushing touchdowns, a pass receiving touchdown and over 100 critical yards of total offense and also without a seven point swing turnover like the “official” MVP.

3. See Long Trail Ale Regulation numbers, 41+2 differential, minus the tying drive, 10 plays; plus the last Atlanta possession, 4 plays; and the Pats last possession in regulation, one play.

4. It would have taken someone with some serious on the fly math skills to determine if it was more than ten yards away from the intended receiver and would have been one of the most controversial calls in Super Bowl history for the ref to call grounding. While I am not positive I believe it came within ten yards of White and the opportunity for an Atlanta interception was significant enough to justify any non-call.

5. Dion Lewis adding to or compounding an earlier injury there could have more negative consequences for the Pats in the future, but it was the Super Bowl so sacrifices are more valuable. It was also another example of the Belichick Brain Trusts’s evil genius. Get even more inside the head of a heavily fatigued defense with fraying nerves.

6. Intercourse the Giants, Tom Coughlin, and Eli Manning to permanent damnation for the deal with the Devil they made to pull that one off. Also it was a crime that Eli Manning was awarded the MVP and not Justin Tuck, or the Defensive Line who literally stopped the greatest offense of all time from completing the trifecta, setting the points record, going undefeated and untied, and winning the NFL championship game, in this case the Super Bowl. That is who Mercury Morris and the Miami Dolphins should thank, or blame, for keeping them the only team to go undefeated and untied and win an NFL championship. )

7. They did give up 406 points over the regular season compared to the Pats 250.

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