Sam Adams Escape Route

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DISB Rating– 89 – Nice smooth quaffing beer but nothing really distinct and outstanding about it, but a nice subtle flavor profile that keeps it interesting all the way through.

TMTB rating – 86 I would not avoid it but I would not go out of my way to find it either. I really like it, but it is not the most notable product ever produced by Sam.

Style Rating – 89 A bit Helles” like, but a very smooth and tasty Kolsch” The very things that work against it as a Tavernator Must Try Beer, a very smooth somewhat non-distinct beer from Sam Adams, are real strong points for a Kolsch. Just enough subtle flavour to remain interesting throughout a few beers.

Sam Adams Escape Route – Kolsch – Aroma – classic nondescript citrussy sour beer aroma with Dog Whistles of sweet grass and pine notes; Head – weak limited lacing color hazy deep gold with hints of amber and orange; Flavour – Limited front end sweetness dog whistles of white grape and sweet grass with a slightly crackery and aromatic bitter finish. Body light carbonation limited small bubbles. Generally a very smooth beer, bt a surprsing almost pilsener like bitterness at the end . A great quaffing beer for the Super Bowl or other sporting events, unfortunately it generally only comes as a two pack in a Sam Adams assortment 12 pack. Speaking of the Super Bowl

Sammy Stocked:
“This win gets an Asterisk”

“Yeah for the greatest dynasty of all time. Four Super Bowl victories. 6 Super Bowl appearances. One of only two undefeated regular seasons in the Super Bowl era. If the league can’t catch them cheating when it counts fuck them. The fact is the Pats blew out the Colts after the refs figured out the balls were deflated. The Pats were using the Colts balls toward the end of the first half.”

Sammy Stocked:
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