Long Trail Ale

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DISB Rating– 87 – A bit caramelly and heavy for a desert island, yet it really hits the spot as it warms up by a fire on a cold winter day.

TMTB rating – 93 Long Trial Ale is an Altbier, meaning Old beer in German or an old style beer. It is a brown ale that survived in Dusseldorf, even the firebombing raids, and Long Trail had the good sense to adopt this relatively under-utilized and under-appreciated style as their flagship beer. Flagships always score higher on the TMTB and this one is a high scoring flagship.

Style Rating – 92 – Long Trail makes a good Altbier. It defines the style in America.

Long Trail Ale aroma caramel slight sweet grass head solid with moderately slow retreat Nice lacing.
Color – clear medium amber even distribution of red and yellow. Flavour caramel hint of cracker with solidly bitter back end. When it warms up you may sense a dog whistle of apple. Medium body with moderate carbonation.

Now for Super Bowl LI. I am tired of hearing people say Atlanta choked after the Pats erased a 25 point lead from midway through the third quarter to the end of the game. It implies Atlanta was psychologically weak and that the Patriots somehow really did not earn or deserve the victory.

Let’s end this horseshit now. (Bryant Gumbel) The only thing Atlanta was choking on was lack of oxygen. At the end of the first half the Patriots had a more than 9 minute time of possession advantage that would stretch to over 17 minutes by the end of overtime.

First half TOP 19:35 Pats to 10:25 Falcons – differential 9 minutes 10 seconds;
Second half TOP 16:58 Pats to 13:02 Falcons – differential 3 minutes 56 seconds;
OT TOP 3:58 Pats to 0:00 Falcons;
Game TOP 40:31 Pats to 23:27 Falcons – differential 17 minutes 4 seconds.

The Patriots held a slightly greater than two to one advantage in plays run.

43 + 3* Pats to 19 Falcons – First half (24+3 differential)
44 Pats to 27 +1* Falcons – Second half (17-1 differential)
87+3* Pats to 46 + 1* Falcons – Regulation Total (41 + 2* differential)
8+1* Pats to 0 Falcons – Overtime
95 +4* Pats to – 46+1* Falcons – Game (49 +3 differential or 53 plays)
*penalties that led to a first down after the play
99 plays to 47 plays (penalties creating first downs included)

The Patriots also made first downs at a rate of more than 2 to 1.
37-17 first downs
26-13 pass
7-3 rush
4-1 penalty

They wore out the Atlanta defense plain and simple. The fact is that the kind of muscles required for being and effective football player especially a defensive lineman, full of explosive power for extreme short term activity, are bulky short and recover more slowly than the ones that are most effective for a tri-athlete, for example, long and lean for consistent, repetitive long term activity. So the longer any defense or defensive lineman is on the field the less effective their rush will become unless they can find was to break through the line with little to no resistance.

In the next installment I discuss the final drive and overtime drive in light of these facts.

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