Don’t serve “Rank” beer…….

October 23rd, 2012 by Sammy Stocked | Filed under Uncategorized.

I was at a Mom and Pop restaurant a while ago with my father in-law and ordered a Sam Adams draught with my meal. I did not pay close attention, but it did not seem like much of a bar crowd on this given night. The Sammy went down quick and my father-in-law told me to get another one. He was paying, so of course I did.

Unfortunately, the second one sucked. It lost all of the subtle malt sweetness and aromatic hop bitterness I expect in a Sammy. Moreover, I tasted dish soap and other even more offensive flavors in the brew. So’s here’s the dilemma: How can a beer take such a turn for the worse when it seems like I’m the only one drinking it? Moreover, why didn’t I just get up and demand the bartender to drink the swill that he had just poured me?

The bottom line is they only had Coors Light and two kinds of beer on tap Sammys BL and Yuengling Lager. So I guess my Polish waitress got the second beer lost in translation because it appeared the I was poured a Yuengling that probably was sitting in the lines for days and tasted like the busboy wrung out his table rag in my mug and served it to me.

I’m not sure what the bigger crime was here me not opening my mouth and sending it back and instead actually drinking his dishwater or the so-called purveyor of fine spirits lacking the common decency, that essential ounce of integrity, that necessary drop of compassion for us beer lovin snobs to make sure his beer is kept in check every night and not try to pass on to his boss, or pocket as tip, the extra buck charged for the Sammy from a Yuengling, even if his main source of revenue clearly is the early bird specials and not us beer drinkers.

So it was onward to Rick’s Club American with my good friend where much to my surprise they served up some excellent Brooklyn Lager on Tap. It helped me recover from that traumatic experience rather seamlessly. Brooklyn L is definitely on the top of my wish list right now.

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