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We at Tavernator are very excited to introduce you to our newest blog, Billy-Bob’s Beer Blog. This blog will be sort of an open forum on beer, beer tasting/beer styles and bars or other places where beer is imbibed. We consider it to be a breath of fresh air compared to the stodgy, overly formalistic Beer Theory of History. In other words we heard your complaints and have responded.

For the 25 or so of you who really like the Beer Theory of History, do not panic, Beertheostorian A is still buying the beer, so we are keeping that blog going.

The Editors

Please note that none of us over here at Tavernator claim to be beer tasting experts. We know what we like, but that may not be what you like. To that end we will try to include descriptors, such as our favorite session beers, etc. so maybe you will get a better idea of where we are coming from. Additionally, we have an interesting and varied knowledge that goes with over 100 years of combined drinking experience. We will be working on developing our own style of descriptions, but at this time we refer you to http://beeradvocate.com/beer/style for immediately available descriptions and rankings. We also do not necessarily agree with any of the rankings over at Beer Advocate and would even argue that they are heavily slanted towards beer snobs, but then again so are we, the bigger the price tag the more we tend to like it.

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    This is the first blog I read on my new Droid Tablet. I’ll be back.

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