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Kuka American Pale Ale – Andean Brewery

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DISB Rating– 84 – Heavy caramel flavor with hints of molasses or salt with an odd dry bitter with a hint of sasafras-like flavor different from other hopped bitterness I have tasted before. This was probably the Maca Root which goes into all Andean Breweries products. Too heavy, insufficiently complex, but at the same time too strange to be a great session beer.

TMTB rating – 89 Look it is made with Maca Root, how many beers like that have you had, it is made in Blauvelt, Rockland County New York, so if you are in its sales range it is worth a try just to see if this is something you would like.

Style Rating – 84 Reminds me of a load of Samuel Smith’s Pale Ale that made it to Gainesville Florida in the early 1980’s Something had gone wrong and the Smiths was full of sediment and they were selling it for a $1.99 a six pack which was fantastic even back then, but it was too heavy and sweet to be a true pale ale and the same goes for the Kuka. Maybe the batch of Kuka I had was past its prime as well.

Aroma- Heavy caramel almost molasses and hints of rose; Color – deep reddish amber bordering on reddish brown; Head moderate to weak, but surprising staying power with limited lacing; Flavor- Heavy caramel even soy or salt, maybe molasses followed by a dry oddly aromatic, maybe sasafras-like, but sharp bitter aftertaste. (I assume this was the Maca Root which is an Andean relative of the turnip and the horseradish) Caramel though was the most notable flavor for me; Body – medium to full; Carbonation – moderate.