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Mendocino Brewing Blue Heron Pale Ale

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DISB Rating– 88 – Tasty and good aroma, but a little too much bitterness and not enough life in the head to push it up further.
TMTB rating – 86 – Not their flagship, but tasty. There are probably more important beers, from this brewery to try out there. Would not avoid it if it came my way though, but there are many others ahead of it.
Style Rating – 84 – An overly bitter and weak headed example of a Pale Ale. Almost an IPA: that is why its style rating is the lowest of the bunch. The Desert Island Session Beer rating floats the Style and Must Try ratings a bit. Speaking of Desert Island Session Beer ratings(DISB Rating), we at tavernator.com would like to take partial credit for assisting Scarlett Johansson in becoming the first woman to be voted Sexiest Woman Alive twice in Esquire magazine. Scarlett Johansson Were it not for the buzz our Desert Island Session Beer rating system created in utilizing Ms. Johansson as a yard stick, we believe it would have fallen to a lesser light. So a little self adulation is in order for us; especially since nobody else will provide it.

Mendocino Brewing Blue Heron Pale Ale – Aroma sweet grass maybe a hint of citrus. Head moderate to weak with a rapid retreat color golden with a hint of cloudiness. May be the temperature and humidity. Sweet front end with a hint of fruitiness giving way to a moderate but lasting bitterness. Light body with solid carbonation. Very dry pale ale. Very dry and very hoppy pale ale.